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go to link Yesterday(10 Feb) was my last working day at BHIVE Workspace, I have spent only around 1 year at BHIVE (consulting + employment), but it feels like I’ve spent a life time, a full grown story at here and it deserves to be told. July 2014, when I met Shesh it was fascinating, we spent hours together talking about technology, product and startup and talks would go endless, talks would go through many thought rivers but won’t reach to ocean, and slowly I realized that I am in love with this guy. It was joy spending time with him, our passion and fire were instigating, thoughts were founding seeds in Bangalore start-up ecosystem . Shesh wanted to do lot of things but what exactly? and as a great explorer he didn’t bother much and he kick started BHIVE Workspace in Nov 2014.

go to link Oct 2015, Shesh asked me for Technology/Product consulting and I started contributing to BHIVE. Very soon I realized that there is lot of scope in IT & Infrastructure which need to be fixed and we started working hard. BHIVE is a place of joy, love and youth. I found new guys in the team to build systems at BHIVE. Mostly in youth, new generation I found great amount of energy and passion, which is amazing because in our time we wanted a great job, now a day either they want glory or they are super-confused. And I love to work with energetic and passionate guys, I was shaping the imagination, I was just thinking and it was happening. I want to mention few names here who had given me opportunity to learn, teach and acquire new experience. Shesh & Ravi for sure, apart from them Sridhar, Ramesh, Inchara, Isha, Veda, Divya they have been really helpful in creating systems/processes which I wanted to build.

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rencontre femmes a montreal June 2016, I joined BHIVE full time, the amount of job and responsibility was immense, we wanted to build a great workplace with great community. New people got added in the team, new goals, new backlogs, sprints and scrums were started, and yes Startup can be built only with Agility, there is no simpler model than Agile and we all brought great amount of focus and we achieved results.

follow site Agile framework gives a great sense of focus in aligning the team towards central/company objective, initial resistance has to be crossed and need to bring some discipline in implementing it, and trust me it brings wonder. Apart from Agile the pleasure of working with Akshay, Prashant, Shashi, Ramesh, Ambaraya, Sandeep & Vandana was great and we have always mixed fun with sincerity towards the goal. I believe that if you know how to work hard, only you know how to relax, work and rest are complementary actions comes always together, so if you want to rest, don’t sleep, work hard and inevitably you’ll achieve rest. I am gonna miss you guys !!!


Last working day party @TheOpenBox
Last working day party @TheOpenBox
My B'day lunch outing
My B’day lunch outing
Had a great B’day celebration with the team 🙂

femmes de dakar a la recherche d'homme BHIVE is place to learn, lead and achieve. One of the finest learning adds to my profile is Network Engineering, IoT products and most importantly overall infrastructure what is needed to make an office space great. At BHIVE I learnt Product and Technology is not a subject, it’s a thought process, once you know How to think, you can build any product using any technology, and it becomes even easy to build when you have live customers to talk to them, take feedback and make your system perfect.

best place to buy Viagra in Hampton Virginia Despite of all knowledge, experience and learning, BHIVE is a place to spend time with people who work over there. Many parties, stories and hangouts will make you believe that this is your family, and this is what BHIVE offers, a family. I also want to pass my love and gratitude to entire BHIVE family, and thanks a lot to Vaibhav, Siddarth, Ravi, Durgesh, Vijetha, Rakesh for the Coorg trip, it was fucking awesome 🙂

Coor Trip (More pics here ) Now the life is calling to a different chapter, something is inevitably happening and new goals are challenging me. I am gonna miss the team & time quite a lot, but lets find a new space.

Jaise tumhari aankhon se
Kajal ka rang na-judaa hai
Vaise BHIVE ki manjar pe
Meri rooh-e-nishan fidaa hai

Aaao chalo ki chhoo le aasman
aaj gagan hi dharti ki ibtidaa hai
Dekho tumhari aankhon me bhi
Ishq ke kayi khawab khuda hai

Tumhara hona aur nahin bhi
Ye to bus Meera ki ada hai,
Vaqt ki raftaar ke aage, dekho
Nishal apni Desk se vida hai

जैसे तुम्हारी आँखों से
काजल का रंग ना-जुदा है
वैसे BHIVE की मंज़र पे
मेरी रूह-ए-निशाँ फिदा है

आओ चलो की छू ले आसमाँ
आज गगन ही धरती की इब्तिदा है
और देखो तुम्हारी आँखों मे भी
इश्क़ के कयी खवाब खुदा है

तुम्हारा होना और नहीं भी
ये तो बस मीरा की अदा है,
वक़्त की रफ़्तार के आगे, देखो
निशल अपनी Desk से विदा है

Time for the final prayers…………………

May the insanity and love never dies at BHIVE,
May the light guide us from darkness,
May the life find space beyond death,
Ameen !!!

Me PK (Prashant Kumar), signing off BHIVE Workspace !



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