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My last 4 months at Myntra

We humans are not a single unit, not a single logical system, or not a single machine, we are made up of multiple complex logical system, or multiple complex levels of life force manifestation. We are fundamentally made up of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, and every layer has different experiences exactly at the same time, and our overall experience is collective perception of all these devices. And it’s impossible precision to define the experience only at single device level, however a filter can be applied to understand only device specific experience, but it’s tricky because we have very less idea of how to distinguish these devices. This collective experience has empowered the humans to be a human at the same time, it has confused the humanity.

When we try to understand the relationship, we usually judge the experience of heart, however one can be impacted by mind, or may be body, and in reality all 4 are important. In the same way, Job can not be judged just by Mind, but to have an overall judgement we should look at it from all perspectives.

Joining Myntra was not a decision, it was a chain reaction of many events and it happened. It was like a butterfly effect, connecting the dots or call it echo of the universe. Over a long journey of start-up world, I have had many experiences, success, failure, learning, breaking barriers, founder’s bias, breaking the self believe, aggressive growth hacking, B2C, B2B, so many thing came and taught me, and I was learning like a student, but over the time I also resized that I am loosing little bit of depth on larger scale of the technology/business. It’s not easy to crack the start-up, and it’s not easy to solve a social/economical complex problem, but for me it was always technology and product which gave me goosebumps and over the time I was not solving scalable complex problem, I was only trying to make a system of code which works. So the time came when the mirror shown the image of reality and I decided to work on large scale product, and eventually Myntra happened. A B2C product with customer facing scalable system building is one of my core desire and it happened. So I might sound a little biased but I’ll try to be more objective in my views.

When I joined Myntra it was EORS 2019 June event, and I saw the festivity along with adrenal rush on the floor. There was Mela kind of Mahaul with Bhangra music, street food and decorations gave an amazing feeling of festival. EORS (End Of Reason Sale) are the sales time of Myntra when we expect 10 times jump and does amazing business within 4-5 days. This happens every year 2 times, June and December. Making such a high pressure time a festival was my first impression about Myntra, that was a great relief that people over here are not boring business folks, they are celebrating, they are enjoying this moment.

When I spoke to Ved and Yash, who are my Leader and Manager I got another relief that my managers are cool and visionary. I saw that people management along with technology leaders at here are cool and visionary, we don’t feel pressurized, there is a sense of relaxation at here which gave me chance to tick another 5 stars for Myntra. Leaders understand the value of technology and respect it, and allow people to think creatively, take ownership and build amazing things.

When I started interacting with people, and work started picking up, I realized one major virtue, which is style of working at here is very different, we can call this culture, and culture is something everybody loves after the money, right? Nobody wants to work in a restless culture, everyone wants to do creative thing, hard work, or good things but the system should enable that energy to flow, to unleash the latent potential of their employee, and then people can do great job, do wonders. Culture of Myntra ensure that people are reachable, soft spoken, humble and down to earth, extending help is pretty common at here, not to take pressure is quite obvious at here, and do the work without getting restless is culture at here. This is one the most fundamental reason Myntra is been pretty stable in terms of retaining people for long and building amazing technology systems.

Let’s also understand, why do we do the Job, why do humans do the Job?

I think the answer is simple, to make money, because money provides food, shelter and security, money feeds the family and to give a better future to self and our loved ones. But that’s not enough, I think we all can agree on only Money is not enough, few people loves power, few people love being creative, and all that is nothing desires. So we can say that money is only a means to satisfy certain desires, and a good Job provides the tool to satisfy our Wishlist.

An Ideal Job is that which brings satisfaction on multiple level, body, mind and heart. A person may be happy by the salary he/she is receiving but maybe mind is not happy because it’s not enough challenging, not much of the mind is being used, in more concrete terms such companies would like their employees to work like a machine, not to think, just work under a process and bring results. Then there are companies who want people to use the body and mind a lot but not the heart, they are perfectly logical system, but they will lack a sense of contentment, it becomes boring without colors and music, it’s like you are solving continuously mathematical puzzle, there is not much of variation in the job. At Myntra system allows to change their team, take up different challenges, take up different participation based on employee convenience. Myntra also allows to fill your heart by not to allow the restlessness, a relax and cool mind can be creative, can be filled with contentment in their heart, and only a filled heart can open the doors of soul, Myntra allows to grow in your personality on multiple levels and that’s one of the Ideal company to work with.

Myntra vision is very simple “To make the world more Stylish, Colourful and Happier place”, and Myntra inculcates the vision from every perspective, it’s like aligning the stakeholders on our core vision, and how Myntra does this is very simple, Myntra aligns the office look and feel based on it’s vision. When you walk around the office, you’ll feel a sense of fashion and technology. You’ll find wall art/decor, quotes and all the symbols which define the symbol of fashion, be it like “Armadillos”, “Hepburn”, ”Madona Cone Bra” etc..

Our meeting room names are like “Steve Jobs”, “Thomas Edison”, “D&G”, “CK”, “Prada”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Usain Bolt”, “Sachin Tendulkar” etc. and every room, there will some thematic description of it. Every floor will have thematic meeting rooms, may be based on scientists, sports, comics, movie icons, fashion brands, magazines etc.. When you walk on stairs, you’ll find awesome art painted or weaved which gives an amazing feeling of art and fashion. On the top canteen area, there are badminton courts, pool table, TT, cricket court, Gym to bring the mix of brain vs body. Overall Myntra follows its vision to its employees what it promises to its customers, which is seriously amazing things.

I am happy to work for Myntra.


Glow Garden – creating lamp

When art and science meets, it creates a magic, some kind of timelessness … expression of light and shadow, love and nirvana, indulgence and austerity. It carries the scent of Tezpur, Assam and beauty of Bangalore.

I call it GlowGarden.