Story of our faith and love through Milo

19 Dec 2016 was the charismatic day when we took a decision for which we are being so grateful to God.

Little background, Actually for quite a long time we have been waiting for this moment to happen, for quite a long time eyes and heart were waiting for a new soul, a new sense of belonging to appear in our life. I believe in objective evolution in everyone so it was very tough decision for me to bring another attachment, another cycle of karma, but I guess theory is all theoretical and we’ve to live the time to observe and bring an experiential observation rather than just information about it, I and We were ready for it.

Producing kids is our pleasure, but nourishing them is big responsibility and when I see there is no time in life, how would take care, how would I give my time, attention and love.

So it was really a big leap of faith for me, I felt I can justify this, rather than justification I believe, I was ready to accept the consequences (indulgence and liberty both)… which makes me decide, it’s time. And in the best of my spirit I’ll take care of you, I’ll laugh and cry with you, and we’ll grow together in this journey.

And definitely want to mention that this faith and confidence was equally driven by Rupa, who always shown positive signs for adopting this kid, she also took time to reach to this conclusion, but I think an woman heart has indigenous ability of unconditional love, and that reflects when I see them today, and it was such a lovely decision for all us to adopt Milo. Sanvi was very excited and happy about it, and she was needing a company to share her emotions, share here random thoughts and stupidity, exchange unconditional love, and it was all a great match for all of us, so it was time.

So we prayed, we sang and we adopted her in our complete senses to live with her, I stated in the complete sense of my individual existence, I love you and I am your father… Milo !

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