Sometimes, you just wait

Sometimes… you just wait, you don’t know for what, and you don’t know why, but you know very well that you need to wait.

It’s an active wait after sowing the seeds in earth, or the trial in the court after committing a crime, or the dream which broke at the verge of completion …Monday rings the bell, while going to office or coming back home, while you are happy or sad, while you are busy or at rest, there is someone within you ..who just wait.

It’s not wait for the life¬†where our wish and craving desperately look for a warm body to write the story of my desires, nor it’s wait for the death on the cushion curvy chair with loss of hope and light. It’s constantly building a slit to unknown where a different knowledge is expected… and put our ear tuned to the perfect frequency of finding our perfect answer, that’s specific mettle personality wait within us, who just wait.

Sometimes, you just wait !

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