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Six guidelines for Facebook content marketing

Social media is a powerful source of reaching out millions of people. You can be sitting any where in the world and still can target, engage and sell any idea or product to any audience through social media. Facebook is one of the great platform to reach out such audience. It also help in creating digital brand awareness and initial value of the idea or product.

I have done this by creating and engaging few facebook pages for certain brands and here are 6 main extract.

  1. Try to put more Non-link post than link post, because link post takes outside of Facebook so your virality doesn’t go as much for link post compared with non-link post.
  2. Any non link post should be engaging, like a good picture, good video, info graphics, slideshow etc.
  3. For every post (LP or NLP), always write a a paragraph, contributing by some text always increases the score of post.
  4. For info-graphics try to keep the text as minimal as possible
  5. For every post, choose the hashtags wisely
    1. Too many hashtags are not good, do not write more than 4 hashtags in the content
    2. At least keep 2 hashtags
    3. One of the hashtag could be popular one, one could be of your company, one could be unique hash tag which you want to promote
  6. For every link post, do not publish only with link, always put a paragraph to engage the readers, and if they like the paragraph, they might click on the post. Instead of paragraph, it would be something like a great title also, best is write a paragraph and at the end write a bang out sentence so that readers feel tempted to click on the link.


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