Search of love is search of non duality

In many nights of my life, I’ve seen my mind swinging in opposite thoughts and that is duality, and it’s very difficult to stick to one side. Every age and time humanity have this question of choosing between A or B, and I guess that’s the trick of time to make us choose so that we keep moving in a circle. Once we are done with A time flips the choice with C or D, and we go on and on.
If we take a pause we can see this pattern and take one step back to realize that our search is not the choice we make, rather it is always the consequence of it, but why would we actually need to desire for something of future? why it is necessary to choose A or B for a future consequence which is only probable? the moment we can free our self with choice, we achieve freedom from its consequence also. It doesn’t mean that we stop making choice, it only means that we have to break our identity with the choices and so we can be free from its consequence also and the next choice will be like hardly matters.
I feel we actually exist in both the choices at any point of time and that is what is non duality, realizing that knowledge is our deepest search of life. Love is definitely and exactly like that, it becomes a faster way to realize the non-duality , we exist as male and female both , at the same time.

प्रेम की आकांक्षा अद्वैत की आकांक्षा है।

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