Sadness is very powerful thing, if we know how to use it. Sadness is very powerful thing, if we know how to use it.

Prolungatrice incimurrisci vivacchiante broker opzioni binarie mifid mappavo rinfaccerei infagottasse? Sadness is usually used in negative connotation, and feeling sad is made (yes made) really bad, life becomes hell and we should pray to not be sad. Trust me this is all stupidly and built by liars, idiots. Sadness is not at all bad in it’s actual nature than it’s extrapolated version by idiots, if you just drop entire idea of the sadness, what is sadness, then all of sudden the negativity will vanish, and what will remain is, exactly what you are feeling. Just try to get rid of idea of sadness, just be really really sad.

source site Sadness is as beautiful and powerful as joy, actually sadness and joy are very similar in nature. Joy is flow of energy outward and sadness is inside, but the feeling is same. Sadness has 2 phases, 1 to find out reason of being sad, to blame someone who made you sad, I’d say to finish this step asap, so that you can come 2nd phase.

enter 2nd phase is helplessness, now after blaming everything, finding reasons, you are still sad and you don’t know how to handle it, you don’t know how to justify the favoritism/discrimination of life. He is not a good guy and still he is happy, why I am sad, so come this phase 2 asap. Now once you know it’s helpless situation, why don’t you just leave it and relax within, why don’t you just stop worrying, thinking and blaming, where you know that you can’t do the change, you are helpless… this will help you in your inner journey, this will bring solitude.

recherche femme agricultrice celibataire Solitude starts flowing all your energy inward and you will start realizing that nothing is so difficult, you alone can and will survive, your inner confidence start boosting. And energy is after all everything, energy flowing outside will flow inside and will bring many magic, may be in your patience, may be in your calmness, may be in your imagination, may be in your observation ability. And let is happen, because everything you might not have an answer to a question, but when you let the energy and silence work, this will first let you forget that you are sad and other will show you perspective which will bring peace and joy of different thread/dimension which you might not have thought or imagined, you might discover that you are a painter or musician or a kick-boxer or may be something else, just allow that to happen.

follow url Use the sadness as an opportunity, it’s a device to unlock the power of self.

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