Nothing is dead in Jungle – Nongriat

In Cherapunji, Meghalaya, On the way to Nongriat I experienced many things which are memorable. It crosses through mountains, peaks, valley and jungle and one of the most fascinating experience is Jungle. Jungles are having so many stories that it can not be covered in one post, it needs many, but let me try.

The jungle is not the wild one but quite thick and having sound of jungle. It needs eyes and ears to love them, you just need to drop the senses of a city, and imagine you are living there since ages and you’ll start feeling the jungle. It’s very different experience for humans, it made me feel sometime that I am part of their ecological system and I am the tree or some creature who live there. The talks of the tree, the momentarily silence of the wind and creatures feel like ….wait wait wait …. something is coming and the wind will try to tell you a new story .
mountain water
Few stories are self explained like this tree is loving the other tree trying to hug her but not able to do because in between there are rocks, but they do not stop and they took may be 100 years to cross through rocks and finally able to entangled in his arms and the rock says… Without effort and patience nothing can be achieved. It is just amazing to spend time there, with your senses open you’ll be able to listen to their stories.

Trees surpassing rocks

Jungle is a development of chaos but there are patterns and designs in the jungle. And almost all the patterns are divided into either survival based or creativity based. There are leaves which grows so perfectly in ratio that it looks like the mathematics so well, a perfect art of fractal. I have seen their color selections is so awesome that you can learn the color nature and suitability, the border style, the border thickness and their gradient is so perfect that you can just copy in you web/mobile design.

natural border style

And few trees and branches grow erratically, they don’t have any sense of mathematics they just follow their survival instinct. But their sense is not like virus, virus spread with the purpose of destruction and acquisition, those erratic tree do not destroy they just try to survive and acquire as much nutrition and energy, if required they break the rock, touch the sky or even grow in a dead tree, they are able to do it because nothing is dead there, even a rock is having life, is having some amount of nutrition and energy to allow any plant to grow on/through them. And this is most noticeable observation, Nothing is dead in a jungle.

plants on a tree

Network of trees

In those jungle I saw different plants and tree growing on another tree, like some kind of orchid was growing on mango tree, many creeper and climbers were growing on almost every pine tree, there were many plants specially of broom plants growing on those trees also whose root was excavated, but the kind of growth broom plants were having it never looked like that root was dead.

Every life is networked with another life in jungle. Nothing is dead in jungle.

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  1. Yes every single expression is very true as me too observed the jungle so closely for the first time

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