Lamp, a new source of paradox and love

enter Light and darkness,
Life and death,
Music and silence,
…complementary states are very difficult to visualize that too at the same moment, this is called paradox. The most interesting relation are those which are built on complementary states, and so music and so the lamp. A Lamp is best representative of paradox, and that kind of love which you can not see, but still you can see. Lamp aisa hai jaise ki tumhara prem,
jisme andhera bhi hai
aur roshni bhi
aur dono sath me hai

here Roshni andhere ka vastra hai
Andhera roshni ka sharir hai

c6e45c9c80bd18f92b48c49bbaea2a00 Atoot

see Lamp, a new source of paradox and love.

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