How to make someone superhappy?

On the Dhanteras night with my 3 favorite females, after spending an hour in a crowd of jewelry shop we figured out that we don’t need any gold or jewel, all we need is food. So here is the problem, the choices of having food in KR Puram area are very less, so 10 PM in the night we are roaming around for food and decided to go to Purvi. When we reached there we found it closed, very very disappointing, we felt like we are screwed, and we’ll have to manage with maggi or so, we thought of going to KR Inn or A2B or Bhagini also but among ourselves we found disagreement for all these three places, as we wanted to have some Rice/Roti with some sabji and daal etc.

And finally we are left with old is gold choice, our decent one PaCheeze Cafe, it’s a small restaurant cum cafe kind of setup in TC Palya road, near the church, and they serve really nice Pizaa/Burger/Sandwich kind of stuff. We were bored with having such stuff so we wanted to have something like roti/rice and sabji, but what to do, so we are good with same stuff, but surely we know they serve satisfactory food.

The guy named Rohit came.

We asked “Hey Rohit, we don’t want to eat Pizza and all, can you suggest something different?”

Rohit : “Why don’t you try rice item?”

We agreed, Ok lets order Mushroom, Brucolli rice then.. but what about gravy, how would we eat only rice? And do you serve parathas?

Rohit : Shall I make you chapatis and mix veg curry?

We said, sound good, lets try, Mix veg curry and chapatis.

Waiting…waiting…waiting, it’s almost 11 PM now, we are hungry. Thank god, we order one PAN margarita pizza for Sanvi, so she is cool now, we (Me, Rupa and Mom) are super hungry and hoping about food should come quickly and it should be delicious. Food came at 11:05 PM, and we were served like Mix veg curry in 3 palates and he would serve hot chapati on top, as soon as it was getting ready, so one chapati at a time.

We took the first bite and we were like multi-universe-time-travel-along-with-orgasm-while-mozart-in-background, what a pleasure, what a satisfaction, what a taste of soft and sexy chapati, along with finger licking taste of veg curry, mmmmmmmmmmm, uuuuffffffffffff, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, after a long long long time we had such an awesome experience.

After we are done, tummy is full, Rohit insists, sir 2 chapati aur le lejiya, garam garam hai, and we had 2 more, what a sense of love he had and what a taste. It’s like your mom say, 1 roti aur kha le, it’s like your dedication of coding says, let me fix this bug by design itself, no patch work, it’s like your lover says, let the moon wait tonight, till we are dead, it’s mixture of ability and devotion, intelligence and dedication.

I have seldom met such kind of humans like Rohit.. sometime, you don’t get word to express, because love and gratitude is so deep that you can not express in word, what a dedication toward his customer, and what a sense of commitment to bring happiness on his customer face. He even got us a Thumps-up from a neighbor shop, it was over in his restaurant. He knew that our tummy is full, but he insisted for 2 more chapati not because he wanted to make some more money (as per chapati cost was only Rs. 15), he found us very happy with food, so wanted to give us more pleasure, such service and hospitality I always find it missing these days, what a lovely guy, and what lovely food we had, thanks a lot for having such places and such people on Earth.
Rohit is in the left, in white t shirt
Rohit is in the left, in white t shirt
If you ever pass by this area, must stop and try at PaCheeze Cafe.
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