How to live a happy weekend life?

trading online banca intesa In our busy life how to live a good weekend, because we know that weekdays are quite tight. Weekend is not something which will bring magic to your style of living and all of sudden there will full of joy, so please do not just be in the bed and wait for superman to come and give your tour to Mars.

Plan your weekend a little, like do some physical exercise, or yoga or sports. You can plan some entertainment or going to a movie, drama or music show etc. But most importantly plan to spend quality time with your partner/lover/wife/husband/whatever.

here 5 days of work we get stressed and we get torn, use the weekend to fill the holes, stitch the wounds, and for that what is better than love. When you spend quality time of talking, cooking, having food, just playing with your partner, you forget the stressful world without adrenaline/dopamine, then the impact of that love, care and affection remains for next 5 days again.

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site rencontre femme juive Relaxing through movie, wine and party is not enough, you’ll get used to in year or 2 and they will not relax you any more, and you’ll ask more adrenaline, and there is no end to excitement and pleasure. Find peace, find relaxation, find love and you’ll be amazed to know that those stressed working days also be joyful because you’ll know that someone is there to love you, someone is there is take care of you.

kostnad för att växla pengar forex The more time you spend together, just like kids, be it watching some TV show, be it doing some gardening, or playing badminton together or just a walk, or just lie down and talk about poetry, mathematics, or how philosophy turned to science in west, but opposite in east, do some treasure hunting, do something, or don’t do anything, just be with your yourself and feel the love…..the more you’ll fill with energy and warmth, which brings joy and learning both, you’ll find the meaning and purpose in love.

site de rencontre chateauguay I think purpose of life is to create, grow and love. Bring warmth and new levels to your love in weekend.

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