Glass or Water Life is a glass or water? And is there a difference in being a glass or a water?

go here Earth was created approximately 4.6 billion years ago and living organism is around 4 billion year ago, and human life is around 200 thousand years ago, and civilization (what we know) is around 6000 years ago. rules for dating a southern girl Life was given 4 billion years ago, while we know humans have evolved only (most likely) 10-20 thousand years ago. This doesn’t mean that we were not there before 10-20 thousand years ago, I am sure we were there but in what form we do not know. It took only time to change our shape, our form but it didn’t change one  thing which is Buy Cialis 25 mg in Fayetteville North Carolina lucidity which is nature of the water. A see url glass is an elegant piece of art, when I hold it in my hand it gives me a feeling of transparent metal, plastic will never take that place. Tastylia (Tadalafil) Purchase 20 MG Plastic might get enhanced, transparent and clean, but it will never deliver that touch. Our experience with glass will remain indistinguishable in time, that’s why I love glass.

But Scambia criptovalute, Forex e opzioni in Italia e Germania sulla piattaforma di trading pluripremiata Depositi con Visa e MasterCard water is water. A glass has got an artificial shape, it stays in time and dies in time, but water is shapeless, beställa rogaine water is lucid as life. It’s form changes but topology to hold the property of embracing the environment is immutable, it’s amazing, and that’s what is life. A life is not artificial design, which has got a shape and form, life is formless, lucid and it keep changing the shape in time.

I don’t see water is shapeless only because it’s liquid, water is shapeless because it understand the inevitability of time to be artificial. Every artificial subject dies in time, but immortal is the one who lives beyond shape and form, forms keep changing, but water wants to live forever, just like life. It’s the wish of timeless and immortal which keep the water formless, just like life. Life itself has no manifestation, but within each and every organism the deeper desire of life is to live forever, is to become just like water.

To understand life, we must understand the nature of water. A glass will keep changing, but not the water.

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