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Dawki – a slit to unknown

Dawki is not just a place, it’s an odyssey. It’a made of fluid and living organism, everything is floating, the mountains, the river, the wind, the jungle, you feel like gravitation is reduced, you feel like floating. I’ve always been thinking what makes a place special, I found it’s predominantly the latent energy that gives you different sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, contentment. There is no satisfaction in achievement, rather satisfaction is there only in surprises, something which we do not, something which is beyond our sense but there is small slit to have a glimpse of it, Dawki is a slit to unknown.

Dawki is a place in West Jaintiya Hills district of Meghalaya which is named after the magnificent and ingenious river Umngot, but all the local people call this as Dawki river. A river with transparent water except in rainy season, it combines all the water collectively comes from mountains of Meghalaya and finally leads to Bangladesh. Dawki is also an India Bangladesh border and no man island is called Tamabil.

When I visited Tambil, Bangladesh border, I was told by BSF guys to not to cross that line, but exactly at the border there were couple of guys who were selling delicious pickle made of berry and tamarind, and we crossed the line, exchanged the love and food, we spent 10 minutes right over there, no man land. And I could not find any difference of humans, food or emotions we all were same, not only is even cows, goats and ducks confirmed that there is no line, no border and no difference. Human ambition and greed in the form of Politics create the difference, humans are all same, creatures are all same.

The entire journey to Dawki from Shillong is amazing, you won’t be able to talk a lot, because almost every minute there will be something to watch, something to be worth silent for, something is reciting a poetry and needs your smile and attention. Just to mention few places.

  • Road journey of Shillong to Dawki is great, (at the end there is broken road, but that is also worth going through…), I loved the driving a sedan car with family and had lot of fun in between. In the journey you’ll see many great mountains, enormous number of falls, valley, cross over the mountain, it’s all amazing.
  • Tambil – I already described above
  • Umngot river – the central spot, must do the boating experience, and stay sometime on other side of bridge, the side of river source.
  • At the river only there is a Bangladesh border again – spend sometime and observe how Bangladesi and Indians both are enjoying in exactly the same way in the mighty river and there is no line or border.
  • Mawlynnong – While returning there is another inward journey to this village, this is known as cleanest village of Asia, and I think it could be, people are so committed there to not to create any dirtiness. I think it has been achieved by a cultural change, along with some discipline, there are regular dustbins available, street light powered by solar, clean toilet with available water using through mugs, no tap, they conserve natural resource and create no dirt.

Welcome to Dawki, Welcome to Unknown ……

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