Cold, Fever and Headache

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These are the clear symptoms of allergic and viral initial attack. Normally if a person is having good immune system, our system antibodies should be able to fight them and recover. But as an alternative I’ve seen many times, a simple course of medicine can treat you in one or two days.
If you have minor symptoms, not so high fever (above 100), then take an anti-allergic + anti-inflammatory.
The best possible I know is “Sinarest”, or “Cheston cold”. Taking 2-3 tablet, morning, evening and save yourself from cold wind, put cotton in your ears, drink warm water and consume good amount of vitamin C fruits. You should be able to recover by this.
After taking 2-3 tablets also, if you are not able to recover, take a course of anti-biotic. The best possible I know for these kind of bacterial infection is penicillin family drug, “Amoxycillin” with clavenic acid, which is marketed by many but a very good one I know is “Clavam 650mg” by Alkem Laboratories. You should take at least 6 tablets of it as a course.
When you take above medicine, it might cause you gastritis, so its better to take antacid along with them. Take “Rantec” after food. If you have little higher gastritis problem, take only 1 Omez in morning before food.
So as a medication
  1. Cheston cold (2-3 times in a day, depending on your fever) after food
  2. trading 60 secondi opzioni digitali Clavam 650mg (2 times in a day for 3 days) after food
  3. go Rantec (each time you are taking medicine)
  1. Cold water
  2. Cover your ears and chest, wear sock while sleeping
  3. No pickles and curd for sure
  4. No sour items, No cold items
Also drink plenty of water and juice. Before sleeping, using Carbol Plus near your pillow will help you in clear breathing. To recover fast, take Lot of juice or Glucon D or TANG it contains glucose and vitamin C both, and if you can eat lots of fresh fruits like apple, orange, pomegranate, that would be great.
Wish you good health 🙂
If you have any other query, contact me.
Disclaimer: This post is for your information only and not intended to replace your relationship with your treating physician.
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