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My last 4 months at Myntra

We humans are not a single unit, not a single logical system, or not a single machine, we are made up of multiple complex logical system, or multiple complex levels of life force manifestation. We are fundamentally made up of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, and every layer has different experiences exactly at the same time, and our overall experience is collective perception of all these devices. And it’s impossible precision to define the experience only at single device level, however a filter can be applied to understand only device specific experience, but it’s tricky because we have very less idea of how to distinguish these devices. This collective experience has empowered the humans to be a human at the same time, it has confused the humanity.

When we try to understand the relationship, we usually judge the experience of heart, however one can be impacted by mind, or may be body, and in reality all 4 are important. In the same way, Job can not be judged just by Mind, but to have an overall judgement we should look at it from all perspectives.

Joining Myntra was not a decision, it was a chain reaction of many events and it happened. It was like a butterfly effect, connecting the dots or call it echo of the universe. Over a long journey of start-up world, I have had many experiences, success, failure, learning, breaking barriers, founder’s bias, breaking the self believe, aggressive growth hacking, B2C, B2B, so many thing came and taught me, and I was learning like a student, but over the time I also resized that I am loosing little bit of depth on larger scale of the technology/business. It’s not easy to crack the start-up, and it’s not easy to solve a social/economical complex problem, but for me it was always technology and product which gave me goosebumps and over the time I was not solving scalable complex problem, I was only trying to make a system of code which works. So the time came when the mirror shown the image of reality and I decided to work on large scale product, and eventually Myntra happened. A B2C product with customer facing scalable system building is one of my core desire and it happened. So I might sound a little biased but I’ll try to be more objective in my views.

When I joined Myntra it was EORS 2019 June event, and I saw the festivity along with adrenal rush on the floor. There was Mela kind of Mahaul with Bhangra music, street food and decorations gave an amazing feeling of festival. EORS (End Of Reason Sale) are the sales time of Myntra when we expect 10 times jump and does amazing business within 4-5 days. This happens every year 2 times, June and December. Making such a high pressure time a festival was my first impression about Myntra, that was a great relief that people over here are not boring business folks, they are celebrating, they are enjoying this moment.

When I spoke to Ved and Yash, who are my Leader and Manager I got another relief that my managers are cool and visionary. I saw that people management along with technology leaders at here are cool and visionary, we don’t feel pressurized, there is a sense of relaxation at here which gave me chance to tick another 5 stars for Myntra. Leaders understand the value of technology and respect it, and allow people to think creatively, take ownership and build amazing things.

When I started interacting with people, and work started picking up, I realized one major virtue, which is style of working at here is very different, we can call this culture, and culture is something everybody loves after the money, right? Nobody wants to work in a restless culture, everyone wants to do creative thing, hard work, or good things but the system should enable that energy to flow, to unleash the latent potential of their employee, and then people can do great job, do wonders. Culture of Myntra ensure that people are reachable, soft spoken, humble and down to earth, extending help is pretty common at here, not to take pressure is quite obvious at here, and do the work without getting restless is culture at here. This is one the most fundamental reason Myntra is been pretty stable in terms of retaining people for long and building amazing technology systems.

Let’s also understand, why do we do the Job, why do humans do the Job?

I think the answer is simple, to make money, because money provides food, shelter and security, money feeds the family and to give a better future to self and our loved ones. But that’s not enough, I think we all can agree on only Money is not enough, few people loves power, few people love being creative, and all that is nothing desires. So we can say that money is only a means to satisfy certain desires, and a good Job provides the tool to satisfy our Wishlist.

An Ideal Job is that which brings satisfaction on multiple level, body, mind and heart. A person may be happy by the salary he/she is receiving but maybe mind is not happy because it’s not enough challenging, not much of the mind is being used, in more concrete terms such companies would like their employees to work like a machine, not to think, just work under a process and bring results. Then there are companies who want people to use the body and mind a lot but not the heart, they are perfectly logical system, but they will lack a sense of contentment, it becomes boring without colors and music, it’s like you are solving continuously mathematical puzzle, there is not much of variation in the job. At Myntra system allows to change their team, take up different challenges, take up different participation based on employee convenience. Myntra also allows to fill your heart by not to allow the restlessness, a relax and cool mind can be creative, can be filled with contentment in their heart, and only a filled heart can open the doors of soul, Myntra allows to grow in your personality on multiple levels and that’s one of the Ideal company to work with.

Myntra vision is very simple “To make the world more Stylish, Colourful and Happier place”, and Myntra inculcates the vision from every perspective, it’s like aligning the stakeholders on our core vision, and how Myntra does this is very simple, Myntra aligns the office look and feel based on it’s vision. When you walk around the office, you’ll feel a sense of fashion and technology. You’ll find wall art/decor, quotes and all the symbols which define the symbol of fashion, be it like “Armadillos”, “Hepburn”, ”Madona Cone Bra” etc..

Our meeting room names are like “Steve Jobs”, “Thomas Edison”, “D&G”, “CK”, “Prada”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Usain Bolt”, “Sachin Tendulkar” etc. and every room, there will some thematic description of it. Every floor will have thematic meeting rooms, may be based on scientists, sports, comics, movie icons, fashion brands, magazines etc.. When you walk on stairs, you’ll find awesome art painted or weaved which gives an amazing feeling of art and fashion. On the top canteen area, there are badminton courts, pool table, TT, cricket court, Gym to bring the mix of brain vs body. Overall Myntra follows its vision to its employees what it promises to its customers, which is seriously amazing things.

I am happy to work for Myntra.

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Dawki – a slit to unknown

Dawki is not just a place, it’s an odyssey. It’a made of fluid and living organism, everything is floating, the mountains, the river, the wind, the jungle, you feel like gravitation is reduced, you feel like floating. I’ve always been thinking what makes a place special, I found it’s predominantly the latent energy that gives you different sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, contentment. There is no satisfaction in achievement, rather satisfaction is there only in surprises, something which we do not, something which is beyond our sense but there is small slit to have a glimpse of it, Dawki is a slit to unknown.

Dawki is a place in West Jaintiya Hills district of Meghalaya which is named after the magnificent and ingenious river Umngot, but all the local people call this as Dawki river. A river with transparent water except in rainy season, it combines all the water collectively comes from mountains of Meghalaya and finally leads to Bangladesh. Dawki is also an India Bangladesh border and no man island is called Tamabil.

When I visited Tambil, Bangladesh border, I was told by BSF guys to not to cross that line, but exactly at the border there were couple of guys who were selling delicious pickle made of berry and tamarind, and we crossed the line, exchanged the love and food, we spent 10 minutes right over there, no man land. And I could not find any difference of humans, food or emotions we all were same, not only is even cows, goats and ducks confirmed that there is no line, no border and no difference. Human ambition and greed in the form of Politics create the difference, humans are all same, creatures are all same.

The entire journey to Dawki from Shillong is amazing, you won’t be able to talk a lot, because almost every minute there will be something to watch, something to be worth silent for, something is reciting a poetry and needs your smile and attention. Just to mention few places.

  • Road journey of Shillong to Dawki is great, (at the end there is broken road, but that is also worth going through…), I loved the driving a sedan car with family and had lot of fun in between. In the journey you’ll see many great mountains, enormous number of falls, valley, cross over the mountain, it’s all amazing.
  • Tambil – I already described above
  • Umngot river – the central spot, must do the boating experience, and stay sometime on other side of bridge, the side of river source.
  • At the river only there is a Bangladesh border again – spend sometime and observe how Bangladesi and Indians both are enjoying in exactly the same way in the mighty river and there is no line or border.
  • Mawlynnong – While returning there is another inward journey to this village, this is known as cleanest village of Asia, and I think it could be, people are so committed there to not to create any dirtiness. I think it has been achieved by a cultural change, along with some discipline, there are regular dustbins available, street light powered by solar, clean toilet with available water using through mugs, no tap, they conserve natural resource and create no dirt.

Welcome to Dawki, Welcome to Unknown ……

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Nothing is dead in Jungle – Nongriat

In Cherapunji, Meghalaya, On the way to Nongriat I experienced many things which are memorable. It crosses through mountains, peaks, valley and jungle and one of the most fascinating experience is Jungle. Jungles are having so many stories that it can not be covered in one post, it needs many, but let me try.

The jungle is not the wild one but quite thick and having sound of jungle. It needs eyes and ears to love them, you just need to drop the senses of a city, and imagine you are living there since ages and you’ll start feeling the jungle. It’s very different experience for humans, it made me feel sometime that I am part of their ecological system and I am the tree or some creature who live there. The talks of the tree, the momentarily silence of the wind and creatures feel like ….wait wait wait …. something is coming and the wind will try to tell you a new story .
mountain water
Few stories are self explained like this tree is loving the other tree trying to hug her but not able to do because in between there are rocks, but they do not stop and they took may be 100 years to cross through rocks and finally able to entangled in his arms and the rock says… Without effort and patience nothing can be achieved. It is just amazing to spend time there, with your senses open you’ll be able to listen to their stories.

Trees surpassing rocks

Jungle is a development of chaos but there are patterns and designs in the jungle. And almost all the patterns are divided into either survival based or creativity based. There are leaves which grows so perfectly in ratio that it looks like the mathematics so well, a perfect art of fractal. I have seen their color selections is so awesome that you can learn the color nature and suitability, the border style, the border thickness and their gradient is so perfect that you can just copy in you web/mobile design.

natural border style

And few trees and branches grow erratically, they don’t have any sense of mathematics they just follow their survival instinct. But their sense is not like virus, virus spread with the purpose of destruction and acquisition, those erratic tree do not destroy they just try to survive and acquire as much nutrition and energy, if required they break the rock, touch the sky or even grow in a dead tree, they are able to do it because nothing is dead there, even a rock is having life, is having some amount of nutrition and energy to allow any plant to grow on/through them. And this is most noticeable observation, Nothing is dead in a jungle.

plants on a tree

Network of trees

In those jungle I saw different plants and tree growing on another tree, like some kind of orchid was growing on mango tree, many creeper and climbers were growing on almost every pine tree, there were many plants specially of broom plants growing on those trees also whose root was excavated, but the kind of growth broom plants were having it never looked like that root was dead.

Every life is networked with another life in jungle. Nothing is dead in jungle.

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Pilgrims of Buddhism and Jainism

Nalanda, Rajgir, Pawapuri, Bodhgaya

I’ve born and brought up in Nalanda district and I’ve seen these places since childhood except few. But the strange part is this time I found all the places pretty new. I am not talking about geographical and infrastructural changes, I am talking about content. I think over a time in every batch of time our observation quality, our vision and our receiving quality of mind changes, not sure if it get mature or gets wider but it changes for sure. Exactly same place Rajgir I’ve been may be 10 times, but this time I found very new Rajgir, it’s like poetry every time you read and you find a different meaning.

I never like the places to put in checklist and once visited it’s done. For me places are like music or poetry, every time I want to go and I am sure depending on my observation and receptor I’ll be able to see a new place. It’s like loving your girl friend for a long time, how do we get into depth of relationship, how do we receive the vibration and stories of the places, every time I am surely gonna find something new. A great music or poetry has manifold stories to tell and same thing is true with places.

I observe a Place from these perspective

  • History – any historical story excites me, we are made up of history and it’s repeating
  • Vibration – every place has a different vibes and it affects us, more variation in vibes more possibility of knowledge
  • People & Language – One single place people and language also doesn’t remain same all the time, it changes over a time. It need eyes and ears to observe it.
  • Food – Of course food represents the entire creative energy of that places, selecting the right food at right place is very important for me. I can try varieties of things, local dishes, hospitality and taste fabric. If I am happy with food, I am almost happy with Place.

I had already planned this trip even before I landed in Patna and I was sure that I am gonna visit all these 4 places this time and I am gonna take my parents along with me. For my parents, it was a great journey and memorable, we went out for a trip after a long long time, and we all were happy to see the satisfaction and excitement in our eyes. Many times trip with your parents becomes invariable pleasant because the amount of happiness you realize with them and the kind of contentment you feel about expressing your love and care for them and they feel it, makes our life meaningful and I feel contended about it.

1st spot – Bodhgaya

Bodhi tree, Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is the place where Gautam Buddha got Nirvana, and the entire place is filled with peace and subtle energy. I had never been this place in my childhood and I was always being desperate to visit this, and this happened. There are many other temples and monasteries to see, but my focus was Bodhi tree and Bodhi temple, and yes this experience would be unforgettable.

2nd spot – Rajgir

Rajgir warm water fall

Rajgir is a great tourism place in Nalanda district of Bihar state. Major attraction is warm water bathing kund (sort of small fall), and we’ve witnessed that Rajgir warm water heals the diseases, there are definitely some kind of chemical combination which heals the wounds and provides extra energy to us. Source of the water is almost unknown, but people say it’s from some mountain only, but warm water that too is perfect for drinking and taking bath is a lovely mystery. I never wanted to solve it, I always wanted to rejoice it. There are more places to see at Rajgir are Virayatan, Rope way to Shanti Stoop, Venu Van, Japanese temple, Jarasandh ka akhada etc. It’s predominately a pilgrim for Buddhist and Jain.

3rd spot – Nalanda

Ruins of Nalanda university

The old hub of knowledge and wisdom, before the time of Buddha and Mahavira, that time Nalanda university was world famous and people use to come for studies, now it’s all gone and remaining part is ruins. It has recently been rebuild in the close premise and some art research courses have been resumed. It’s amazing to see such a huge setup more than 2500 years back,  with great classrooms, monasteries, buildings etc…it simply leaves you in the void of questions

4th spot – Pawapuri

Pawapuri Jal Mandir

It’s the place where Mahivra Jain got Nirvana and finally attained moksha also. There is a Jal Mandir in Pawapuri which is beautifully designed over a lake and made up of all white marbles, makes it magnificent. Though it was too hot to spend more time over there, but I still feel the peace and the vibe of the place in my memory.

This journey was as much outer journey as much was inner journey. I was happy to see my parents and we were chilling out, spending time together, as well as I was realizing the peace and knowledge spread all over these places. It is really important to take the time out of our busy schedule and spend sometime in rest and finding peace. There are peace all around, but few places have magnified peace, which help us realize our source, our true nature and our destination.

May the insanity for peace never dies !!!

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Hills of cherapunji

These majestic alive khasi hills of Cherapunji are the source of peace, it makes you pause and envelopes yourself in the depth and vast silence of their never ending mountains along with their jungles.

It’s calling you, the humanity. It’s asking one simple question where have you reached? I am at the same point from 1000 of years and I am in peace, I am giving and giving. What you have given? And what have you got?

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6 years story of HealthcareMagic from start to end

HealthcareMagic – When I heard this name in Dec 2008, the sound kept on tickling in my mind, I was more than excited to explore the opportunity and there were many reasons for it, like time, situation, destiny, all were falling in place. And I was driving myself choicelessly as it had happened many times in my life, this was going to write another chapter for me, where the subjects were pretty unknown to me but one thing I was carrying with me as my all time weapon, “Nothing is impossible”.

Yes, I always wanted to build something which creates a change in the system, which creates a great impact on humankind and working with Online Doctor 24×7 was a challenging and dream job for me, and I loved it from the core of my soul. I have a couple of great jobs in my hand, but I was pretty clear on what I wanted to do, and I wanted to follow my vision and soul. I remember those initial months of 2009 and the fire in the belly to build something awesome and our infinite effort to grow it fast was commendable.

I remember those memories of sitting in the void and thinking of how to scale the traffic, how to crack the SEO, how to build a high performance system, and after a long time we were crack the SEO and that pleasure of scaling 10k per day to 100k per day traffic was intellectually satisfying and great boost to my purpose of existence, it was like I was born to do this.

I want to thank many people on this journey and I really want to mention all of them. When I was almost naive and I had least of ideas to execute, I was very much thankful to get support from Rajaram and Abhishek Goyal who taught me fundamentals of SEO, and later Kiran who linked the FB aspect and act as a catalyst to our growth. And in my initial team, I must appreciate the effort of Akshat and Radhesh, they were quite energetic chaps and wanted to crack certain things, miss you, buddies.

Slowly we were touching a threshold of engineering effort on, what next? It was asking a big question, a mental catharsis, a psychological identity loss…But I knew that darker the night, I am gonna hit the ray soon, all I had to do is stay awake, stay patient, and It happened we achieved a great jump and I loved those many month hard work, kick-ass effort of my team, One photo of such memory definitely deserve this.

I am really thankful to all of you crazy guys Shekhar Sahu, Rakshit Begane, Gaurav Srivastava and Raghu Kishore. We should meet sometime for a karoake and booze, he he he 🙂

I remember when we were optimizing transaction after achieving good traffic, and Rakshit and Gaurav rolled out a simple and effective funnel framework using ActiveMQ, and their names Brahma and Shiva (funny, he he), and that resulted in such a quick boost of the transaction, those are the memories will always be imprinted on my soul.

And then the 2nd phase came when we formed a new direction of the team in the more focused style of business with the core effort from Krishnan Ramaswamy(product head), Vikash Agarwal, and Ashish Dhali. And I must accept the tremendous dedication created by Krishnan in the team was more than fire, it was high velocity wave, it was a sense of conviction to do it. I really want thank you guys from bottom of my heart to bring knowledge, experience and wisdom in me.

Left to right – Rahul, Vikas, Krishnan, Ashish, Me
Left to right – Rakshith, Gaurav, Krishnan

In my entire journey of HealthcareMagic there are definitely many more guys who taught me various things and helped me achieve a certain level. I am grateful to all of you people, but I want to do a special mention to my all time mentor Rajaram who has been putting fuel inside me from last 6 years and who has always given me direction to solve my all complex problem, thanks a lot for being with me.

And the final prayer of this story…
May the insanity and technology never die…
May the love and passion flow in our blood…
May the grace and force be with us!

Ameen !!!

Me, Prashant (Nishal) signing off from HealthcareMagic.