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Cold, Fever and Headache

One or other person in our team is catching us with these kind of symptoms.

  1. Cold (Running nose)
  2. Fever 
  3. Headache
  4. Body Ache

These are the clear symptoms of allergic and viral initial attack. Normally if a person is having good immune system, our system antibodies should be able to fight them and recover. But as an alternative I’ve seen many times, a simple course of medicine can treat you in one or two days.
If you have minor symptoms, not so high fever (above 100), then take an anti-allergic + anti-inflammatory.
The best possible I know is “Sinarest”, or “Cheston cold”. Taking 2-3 tablet, morning, evening and save yourself from cold wind, put cotton in your ears, drink warm water and consume good amount of vitamin C fruits. You should be able to recover by this.
After taking 2-3 tablets also, if you are not able to recover, take a course of anti-biotic. The best possible I know for these kind of bacterial infection is penicillin family drug, “Amoxycillin” with clavenic acid, which is marketed by many but a very good one I know is “Clavam 650mg” by Alkem Laboratories. You should take at least 6 tablets of it as a course.
When you take above medicine, it might cause you gastritis, so its better to take antacid along with them. Take “Rantec” after food. If you have little higher gastritis problem, take only 1 Omez in morning before food.
So as a medication
  1. Cheston cold (2-3 times in a day, depending on your fever) after food
  2. Clavam 650mg (2 times in a day for 3 days) after food
  3. Rantec (each time you are taking medicine)
  1. Cold water
  2. Cover your ears and chest, wear sock while sleeping
  3. No pickles and curd for sure
  4. No sour items, No cold items
Also drink plenty of water and juice. Before sleeping, using Carbol Plus near your pillow will help you in clear breathing. To recover fast, take Lot of juice or Glucon D or TANG it contains glucose and vitamin C both, and if you can eat lots of fresh fruits like apple, orange, pomegranate, that would be great.
Wish you good health 🙂
If you have any other query, contact me.
Disclaimer: This post is for your information only and not intended to replace your relationship with your treating physician.
Holistic Healthcare

Onion juice – A preventive care of hair loss

The scientific name of non-scarring hair loss condition is called as “Alopecia areata“. Onion Juice for Hair Loss and greying Hair is an effective medication and it works in a little long term like month or two months. Current therapeutic options for Alopecia areata are limited, and there is no effective prevention for recurrent hair loss.

Onion juice helps by providing nourishment and circulation to the hair follicles.  It also kills germs, parasites, and is helpful in treating some fungi infections, all of which can aid in prevention of hair loss. So onions are also effect in treating some minor fungal infection in scalp, dry or itchy scalp.

One study from the Journal of Dermatology found that just after four weeks of using onion juice, 74% of individuals with alopecia areata experienced significant hair regrowth. Within six weeks of using onion juice, 84% of the individuals were reported to have hair regrowth.


How to Use

1. Get some fresh onion (better is smaller/medium in size)
2. Just peel the onion, cut it in half and put it in the juicer and crush them
3. Put them in a sieve cloth and extract the liquid
4. Apply the liquid on your scalp, you can also apply blended onion, No problem
5. Keep it half and hour to one hour
6. Wash you hairs

Few other points

1. While applying it might stink a little, but try to avoid it, because it will have awesome results.
2. You have to be consistent while doing it, at least 4 times a weeks and see the results in a month.
3. You can also add fenugreek paste to condition your hair simultaneously.
4. If you want to maintain the natural color of your hair, mix the onion blend with adequate amount of mustard oil.
5. Just for change and different nutritional value, sometimes you can also add eggs, honey, fruits, oils.
6. If you want another remedies for Hair loss, try coconut milk.

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Mirror – The source of you

friends and mirror

In the sliver lines of mind, there is always something undefined, grey area, there is some chord which is untouched music, and it doesn’t require a connoisseur to play that chord, all it need is someone who can touch that undefined, someone who can color that grey shades, someone who can play that chord… that’s your mirror, save that relation… that becomes the source of you.


Mirror – The soul reflection

When you meet a mirror, It doesn’t carry any intelligence, sensitivity and response. A mirror is just an artificial device which works on principle of physics. A mirror is quite an utility and comes with a price range of Rs 1 to Rs 10k also. We often meet a mirror in morning and evening and few carry in their hand bag also, may kiss them also, at the end it’s just a device.

But when The Mirror meets you, you get confused, anxious and restless. But slowly you get attached, affectionate and astonished that How this mirror knows me more than even I know myself. The mirror open the layers of you and brings your multi-layer-many-birth psychological impressions of you, and your surprise becomes very deep experience of self knowledge. It tell you stories of how our mind travel in time, how we do phase shift, how we are made of multiple minds. Let that Mirror be with you, preserve that Mirror, because it’s not a device, It’s your … Soul Reflection.

Science & Technology

5 Step process to Improve your website SEO in a month

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something which is bit intangible and unpredictable and so quite interesting area also. Lots of people think to do the SEO but hardly anyone understand what they want to achieve out of SEO.

seo by nishal

Lets try to understand the intent and possible achievement out of SEO.

SEO can be understood as marketing strategy, by ranking up high in Google, but it’s the only 1st step of SEO. SEO has 2 more steps left which has almost remained hidden. Here are 3 time wise perspective.

1. Short term strategy – Helps in quick marketing, few keyword ranking for increasing your reach-ability, estimated time is 1 month
2. Long term strategy – Helps in building a sustainable traffic, estimated time is 6 months
3. Ecosystem strategy – Helps search engineer in refining their knowledge and search, estimated time is 2 years and more

Now a days the search engine algorithm is mature, intelligent, and intuitive. While there are quite a few things that require technical expertise, the overall theme of SEO is pretty simple. So if you are targeting something short term strategy and planning to do some keyword ranking optimization, it’s pretty simple.

Do these 5 step process and it would improve SERP within a month.

1. High performance is must : Your page should load as fast as possible, As an average measurement in GA if it is taking more than 7 seconds, you are bad, 4 seconds is awesome, even if it is 5 seconds, it’s good. Write good HTML to save DOM execution time, use CDN to deliver CSS, JS and Image, use caching etc.

2. Understand your business and customers and write a quality blog about educating your product, talking about peripheral of your business domain, product and may be your competitors. This helps a lot to Search engine to decide your seriousness of the product, their social need and as the people will start consuming your product, Search engine will give lot of weight to your product, your website. Blog is to educate them, providing extra value about your product. Google algorithm also considers social websites, blogs and social contents to be pushed into Google news section, which is an advantage.

3. Keep watching your spamy links : Google Penguin updates are targeting to penalized website who create spamy link backs. With October Penguin 3.0 update it’s much more clear that any anchor text manipulation and spamy link will get penalized. It’s good to keep watching your links through webmaster or some tool and audit them at least once in 6 month. And work towards get good quality link back, blog is one of the strategy to get good link backs.

4. Content is the king and play on keyword density: Creating high quality content is still the central idea in SEO. Think about creating a content in much more organized, creative and new style. Like providing good meta information, images, bread crumbs for navigation, readable and something new(be creative). Use the keyword density keyword repetition intelligently on the page. You can use SEO quake kind of tool to check the keyword density. Every keyword repetition should have a value, it should not be just stuffed.

5. Promote your website on social website
Create Facebook page, twitter handle and other social properties to talk about your product, gather people and promote your website, links. This has 2 advantage, one social index score becomes better which also plays a role in SEO and other you can get extra traffic from social media.

And Few small things to remember:

  1. Don’t publish or build business on illegal stuffs
  2. HTTPS serving websites are getting extra value
  3. Don’t play on aggregation and content farming, now it doesn’t work
  4. Only keyword stuffing can kill you
  5. Being mobile friendly website is quite helpful to receive mobile traffic

It’s still simple to achieve but you’ve have to be focused, consistent and dedicated. It works, it really works 🙂


Holistic Healthcare

Anemia Treatment – Ferrous Ascorbate Vs Ferrous Sulphate

Anemia is a simple condition of Iron deficiency in blood. To be more precise Anemia is decrease in number of red blood cells (RBCs) or less than the normal quantity of Hemoglobin in the blood. Because Hemoglobin (found inside RBCs) normally carries oxygen from the lungs to the capillaries, It’s deficiency will leads to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) result in symptoms like weakness, Fatigue etc.

red blood cells
Recently I came across a story where doctors suggested a patient to have Ferrous Ascorbate. I went to pharmacy and found that it is quite a costly medicine. Then I started studying little bit about it, why Iron should be so costly.
Ferrous Ascorbate contains Iron salt as well as Ascorbic acid (which is Vitamin C) and Vitamin C act as catalyst in absorbing the iron. And Ferrous sulphate doesn’t contain Vitamin C, which makes it little less effective. This is one of the main reason why Ferrous Ascorbate is costly though Ferrous sulphate is cheap.
So one simple thing can be done is, increase your Vitamin-C intake and take Ferrous Sulphate. To increase the Vitamin C, you can consume daily a Lemon, Aamla or Oranges, if you can’t get that regularly, Ascorbic acid comes as chewable tablet also, like Limcee Chewable (500Gm) which comes only for 17-18 Rs for 10 tablets.
And usually both comes with Folic acid as a combination which is absolutely fine to take at any point of time, as Folic Acid is also a kind of Vitamin only.
During Pregnancy It is absolutely safe to take any of the medicine.

Side Effects

Here is a little catch in this. Ferrous Ascorabate is known to have just a mild headache and chest pain, which can be considered as almost No side effect, though Ferrous sulphate can cause constipation and gastritis. So if you have constipation or gastritis related problem, do not go for Ferrous sulphate. But if you are healthy, there is no point in wasting extra money. One more thing Patients who are allergic to sulphur, should not take Ferrous sulphate as well.

Cost Comparison

Ferrous Ascorabate (Orofer Xt by Emcure) average cost 98 Rs for 10 tablets.
Ferrous Sulphate (Fesovit by GSK) average cost 40 Rs for 10 tablets + Limcee average cost 20 Rs for 10 tablets = 60 Rs for 10 tablets.
You save minimum of 40% 🙂



Who am I?

I am the source of death and so the life. Death is the only evidence that life exist. I am the velocity of death, and I prevail the existence of human mind which has given me unmatchable power that I can create and destroy the civilizations. I am the source of time lapse and slow motion theory, I make things happen just in time even before you blink your eye.

I am the Jack of Amplifier…feeling like a Bullet 🙂

jack-of-amplifier by nishal


Why to be Sensitive?

Sensitivity is dangerous, it’s painful, it makes you more sad than happy, because in the world of stereotype robots, sensitive responses are very unlikely. Sensitivity should be like a tree or flowers or a river they just serve, they don’t regret their act on bad response, they don’t even expect a response, they don’t build any judgement on the response.

Sensitive Intelligence should be our glorified choice irrespective of response. Be sensitive by design and intelligence not by concept. It takes lot of courage and integrity to be sensitive.

Science & Technology

How to choose a good enterprise Router?

A high performance router is must when it comes to provide a large size subnet, and could route the packet to external network. When it comes to Router along with Firewall capabilities then it becomes a complex tricky problem.

Simple routing solution can be provided with Cisco router, FortiNet router, in fact we found Edge routers manufactured by Ubiquiti is pretty awesome, provides a great throughput, and Edge comes in a very very low cost with only single time of investment. But when we also want firewall capabilities then it becomes difficult to work with Edge, because now you need a protection, QoS, shaping, filters etc..

Routers capabilities


A Dual WAN router is must when you want to support a fail over mechanism. If one ISP goes down, other will take it over in Dual WAN routers but generally auto-fail-over is not pre-configured in FortiGate as well in Edge, I guess it doesn’t come automatically configured which is quite a strange thing. Anyways be careful to configure the auto-fail-over mechanism in router for sure.

What is auto-fail-over?

Generally fail over is configured automatically, but this only means if you take out one ISP cable out of the router then other cable will start routing the packet, which means internet will work. But then scalaing is very difficult because when one ISP will go down then you may not be available to go physically and remove the cable, so we need auto-fail-over mechanism. It is possible in FortiGate for sure, and I believe it is also possible in Edge (which is currently not there).

Load balancing

When there are more than one connection available to you, you can easily choose to do some load balancing, means routing the packet through different ISP routes. Typically Load balancing is good if you have more than one ISP connections with similar latency and performance, because if they are different end use would face a kind of fluctuation or lag in frequent use of Internet, so choose it wisely; actually you can ignore this feature, rather use spill over.

Spill over

When one ISP line bandwidth is entirely consumed then you can choose spill over mechanism to route the packet instead of dropping the packet for waiting for the turn. In many cases this will turn out to be a very good choice, specially one sudden day there is huge traffic then using secondary ISP to route packet is a very good choice, instead of directly increasing the bandwidth. If bandwidth consumption is consistently high then possibly bandwidth need to be increased.

Science & Technology

Differece in Broadband and Leased-line Internet

In the modern age of Internet, when you are looking for Internet connection, there comes 2 categories in the mind, one is Broadband connection and Other is Leased-line connection.

Just to recall before Fibre, broadband connection was there, but it was provided using copper co-axial wires, and other solution was Dial-up, which internally were also using copper wires. Over a time data transmission technology grown significantly and now we have Fibre and wireless data transmission solutions.

One of the important perspective is Braodband is designed for Home or Small usages, Leased-line is designed for office, enterprise, consistent and large group usages, lets understand how and difference in their design and delivery.

There are major 3 differences between Broadband and Leased-Line

1. Connection

Broadband and leased lines connections are provided in different ways. They both still come through a cable, but the difference is to do with how they get to you.

When we take out a broadband package, we are getting your Internet from the local ISP provider, there is a wire connection to our premises delivering the Internet. From the cabinet to the exchange, there is either a copper wire or fibre that delivers the Internet. So it is a series of cables that bring us the Internet.

The difference lies with how that cable is split between all of the other local premises getting broadband. We might be sharing that wire with the five other customers next to us. With a leased line, you get a dedicated line that is only coming to you. No sharing.

In the next level of Enterprise Leased-line connection, they deliver the fibre line with Ring topology built at their “NOC“, and at the NOC they will pull fibre cables from different STM to provide redundancy so that in case one fibre line goes down, other line can take over and internet still works with same performance.

There are different type of leased-line

  • Compressed Internet Leased Line – Contention ratio will be 1:4
  • Shared Internet Leased Line – Content ratio is configurable
  • Standard Internet Leased Line – Dedicated liner line
  • Premium Internet Leased Line – Fully dedicated, dual line, ring topology

2. Inconsistent bandwidth (speed)

With broadband, since we share the cable with others(who is using broadband just like you), we are effectively splitting the Bandwidth(or speed). Suppose bandwidth is 30 Mbps or even 50 Mbps connection, your speed will depend on how many other people are using the broadband at the same time. You might think, great, I’ve got this new Business Broadband with a 30 Mbps connection over Fibre but realistically at peak time, you might only be getting a couple of Mbps because everyone else is also using their unlimited downloads. And do not get fooled by what speedtest is showing you, best way to check the Bandwidth is to download a file, lets say a file is downloading at 500 kbps, then you have the Bandwidth of approx 500*8 = 4 Mbps. But even if speedtest show 4 Mbps as speed, still you’ll notice that download doesn’t happen consistently at 500 kbps, this is because of contention.

Contention is quite common in Broadband or even in shared/compressed leased line because at the same point of time when you are downloading and trying to use internet heavily there might be 3-4 users who are trying to download large files, so contention will reduce your bandwidth at run-time, and so there will be inconsistency.

3. Service level agreement

What happens when internet goes down? What if internet is not gonna come for few days? What if provider says it will be fixed in 24 hours but they take 3 days.

These are the typically 3 questions which worry us a lot about the service reliability. Broadband connection is designed for low cost and for common usages, so they do not provide any SLA for the downtime or fixes. Few broadband provide may promise that they will resolve the issue (or downtime) in max 2 business days, but in practical cases it might take 3 days and we can not do anything about it.

Where as Leased-line connection comes with very strong SLA, there will be a dedicated team and account manager for you who will take your complain and will resolve the issue in given amount of time period, may be 4 hours or may be 6 hours. They will also promise some fixed amount of up-time, may be like 99.5% up-time, which is a great promise. Generally 99.5% up-time looks pretty awesome but 0.5% down-time means approx 90 minutes per month they can go down without breaking SLA, so while choosing Leased-line ensure that if up-time can be increased as much as possible.

Few other minor differences are

  • Broadband always comes with data limit for a month, leased-line is unlimited usages (no data limit)
  • Broadband is cheap, may be in $20 (or Rs 1200), you’ll get 50 Mbps line with 100 GB of data usages.
  • Leased-line is expensive, may be in $300 (or Rs. 20000), you’ll get 10 Mbps line, with unlimited data