Adoption of the Law On the DSC postponed due to pandemic

In the event that cryptocurrency legislation as a means of payment will be banned. Innovation will have an impact on kriptobirzhi, but will not affect the operation mayningovye. Information shared the head of the Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov.

 Duma representative added that the law on “DSC” has been developed. In addition, the rule would contain a definition cryptocurrency, a description of its production and handling procedures, as well as a ban on the use of digital assets as a means of payment.

 Head of the Committee also noted that the adoption of the law will be postponed presumably a few months – until late spring. The specialist noted that due to the pandemic coronavirus all legislative processes slowed down and shifted focus to ensure effective methods of combating the disease.

 Aksakov said that the bill “On the DSC” does not imply a ban on mayningovye operation. At the same time production of assets is considered to be one of the types of business, therefore, according to lawmakers, such transactions should be taxed.

 The new law, according to Aksakov, contains provisions on the fight against money laundering.

 In this case, the expert notes that the emergence of kriptorublya on blokcheyne possible. Such cryptocurrency, according to Aksakov, should be under the control of the Central Bank. Read more about this – here.

 The norm will not hinder the work kriptobirzh nevertheless begin their operations controlled.

 It should be noted that the adoption of legislation on digital currencies was first initiated in 2018, but since then has not been delivered to the final point on the issue. Aksakov said that the delay due to the fact that the government did not have a single line on this issue, irreconcilable differences constantly thwarted by the final decision. Thus, the Central Bank was strongly against the legalization and the Parliament considered it necessary to introduce some of the tools that would enable the industry to monitor.

 We note that the statement that the law is ready, came back in September last year.

 Recall that about the reasons for the prohibition of issuance and circulation cryptocurrency in Russia can be read here.

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