About Me

Prashant Kumar aka Nishal

About Me

Observation and Expression are two deeply connected events but origin of creation for such connected events are far different in nature. Observation is timeless inevitable phenomena where as expression is a choice, a whim, a desire. For me Observation is imperative, it happens naturally but expression is exactly my choice. My observation could be same, but I can express it in many many ways, from the scientific angle to art perspective. Many times my expressions are combined form of science and art.

So writing about self is always been very difficult for me, because whenever I want to write my observation changes and expression too, and anything which is so dynamic how to write statically about it. I can write about Technology, science, arts, poetry, literature, mathematics, spirituality, psychology, mind, love etc. but how to write about self? rather its a question of timeless mind that what is self? I think I am still discovering and so far I think… I am the void !

I am being passionate and innovative about science, technology and art. I think like mathematician and I design like artist. Solving problem by putting them in a mathematical statement using technology is my professional skill. Like creating a product which delivers humanly designed greeting messages, or creating an app using which you can plan your day, or analyzing people’s FB/Twitter profile to predict their political inclination, they are interesting problems for me.

Anthropology, human psychology, group psychology and their predictive behavior is quite fascinating subject of work for me. So I also love to do Product management, user experience design, user interface design, user behavior analysis and iterating to perfect the product.

I am quite creative and enjoy a lot with a sense of art around, be it Movies, Music, Dance, Colors, Lights and shadows. I also enjoy writing poetry, reading literature and spending time with friends and family.

About Me – Professional

My background is Mathematics from IIT Kharagpur and then 12 years of rich experience in product and technology.

Currently I am working at Gold Farm as Product head and playing pivotal role in creating the entire product/technological base at here. Gold Farm is Agri-tech startup to create something like “Uber for tractor”. India is moving toward mechanized farming, but machinery is not viable to be bought for every farmer as the land size is reducing, so they need to take it on rent and get their cultivation done. This sector is quite unorganized and we are trying to make it smooth. Tractor utility is less because tractor owner knows finite number of farmers, farmers are not having service guarantee because tractor owner is handling it unprofessionally. We are solving this problem using technology to make the tractor available to farmer just by few clicks or by calling a phone no. and other side we are increasing tractor utilization to increase the profitability of tractor owner. It’s a challenging problem because technology has not yet penetrated much in rural areas of India, but irrespective of that, we are working on growth path. Our vision is to create data drive agriculture in India using all possible data sources, like marketing, satellite, crop pattern, seeds and tractor sales data, I think future is far but very interesting for sure.

Prior to this I have played key role at BHIVE Workspace as VP of Product and building a great Workspace experience enabled with technology and hospitality. BHIVE Workspace is largest Co-Working space in Bangalore, having 5 locations. At BHIVE more than 150 companies are working and building their product without worrying about day to day services and infrastructure. BHIVE provides all basic Infrastructures like Power, Security, Internet, and Tea & Coffee which works seamlessly. BHIVE also focuses on building a great office space experience by providing great hospitality and community engagement. One of our key objectives is to build collaborative workspaces where Vibrancy, Energy and Knowledge are available in plenty and the current generation just need to focus on Innovation. We do conduct Events on regular basis to promote Start ecosystem by connecting aspirants to leaders.

Prior to BHIVE, I have co-founded a company Tusker Data Lab, focused on Big Data and Predictive analytics. As we know this is Data era and we are generating so much of data that computing such gigantic amount of data is quite complex. Our objective was to making terra and peta bytes of data computation simple and intelligent. I had a Co-Founder in New York, We did set-up our global offices in New York, San Diego and London to reach out prospective customers. We did close few good businesses, but I found one of challenge in this area is to scale the business, which made me think to move one.

Prior to that I played pivotal role of Technology Head at HealthcareMagic, an Online Doctor 24×7 portal, for 6 years. HealthcareMagic was acquired in $18.5 M. It was one of great experience of my life where entire system was built from scratch and we could scale our product pretty well. We built a global network of 15000+ to make Doctor’s available 24×7 to entire Earth on our portal, who used to resolve to any medical query almost instantly.


  • Start-ups, Leadership
  • Product Management
  • Technology
  • Classical Web development system
  • Design and architecture for scalable systems
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • High Performance Systems
  • Growth Hacking
  • Facebook, Google Adword Marketing

You can reach out to me if you need help or consulting from my side on any of the above topics, you can email me at nishalspace@gmail.com and I’ll revert you back.

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