A tree is old as time

This tree is not just a tree, It’s a sense of timeless life. It tells the stories of his innocent childhood and growth of young age and stability of old age. It has lived many decades or may be centuries, has saves the entire journey of this place in the subtle memories of his roots and branches.

Every year, new peoples and birds come to this place, spend sometime and go away…what remains with him is his silence and solace, his own sense of stability and wish to get dissolve one day in Earth. But the sky and fun of people playing with his branch does not let him leave the body and disappear also.

The tree is not just a tree, it’s sense of possessiveness vs freedom… just like Life, just like relationship. To understand a relationship we should understand trees, we should find out how to relate with a tree, it give immense amount of calmness and peace to learn and grow, which will act as a wisdom to build a relationship with humans.

Note : This tree is in Coorg.

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