5 Step process to Improve your website SEO in a month

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something which is bit intangible and unpredictable and so quite interesting area also. Lots of people think to do the SEO but hardly anyone understand what they want to achieve out of SEO.

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Lets try to understand the intent and possible achievement out of SEO.

SEO can be understood as marketing strategy, by ranking up high in Google, but it’s the only 1st step of SEO. SEO has 2 more steps left which has almost remained hidden. Here are 3 time wise perspective.

percy jackson and artemis dating fanfic 1. Short term strategy – Helps in quick marketing, few keyword ranking for increasing your reach-ability, estimated time is 1 month
go 2. Long term strategy – Helps in building a sustainable traffic, estimated time is 6 months
http://battunga.com.au/?giopere=binar-ch-com&2d8=2c 3. Ecosystem strategy – Helps search engineer in refining their knowledge and search, estimated time is 2 years and more

Now a days the search engine algorithm is mature, intelligent, and intuitive. While there are quite a few things that require technical expertise, the overall theme of SEO is pretty simple. So if you are targeting something short term strategy and planning to do some keyword ranking optimization, it’s pretty simple.

Do these 5 step process and it would improve SERP within a month.

http://pandjrecords.com/sqlbak.php?z3=SVo1UDNtLnBocA== S.r.l. - 1, Via Grota Del Diau Zot - Monfalcone - GO - Esportatori ed importatori - Leggi le recensioni degli utenti 1. High performance is must : Your page should load as fast as possible, As an average measurement in GA if it is taking more than 7 seconds, you are bad, 4 seconds is awesome, even if it is 5 seconds, it’s good. Write good HTML to save DOM execution time, use CDN to deliver CSS, JS and Image, use caching etc.

source site 2. Understand your business and customers and write a quality blog about educating your product, talking about peripheral of your business domain, product and may be your competitors. This helps a lot to Search engine to decide your seriousness of the product, their social need and as the people will start consuming your product, Search engine will give lot of weight to your product, your website. Blog is to educate them, providing extra value about your product. Google algorithm also considers social websites, blogs and social contents to be pushed into Google news section, which is an advantage.

souper rencontre st-hubert 3. Keep watching your spamy links get link : Google Penguin updates are targeting to penalized website who create spamy link backs. With October Penguin 3.0 update it’s much more clear that any anchor text manipulation and spamy link will get penalized. It’s good to keep watching your links through webmaster or some tool and audit them at least once in 6 month. And work towards get good quality link back, blog is one of the strategy to get good link backs.

http://dkocina.com/category/artefactos/page/7 4. Content is the king and play on keyword density: Creating high quality content is still the central idea in SEO. Think about creating a content in much more organized, creative and new style. Like providing good meta information, images, bread crumbs for navigation, readable and something new(be creative). Use the keyword density keyword repetition intelligently on the page. You can use SEO quake kind of tool to check the keyword density. Every keyword repetition should have a value, it should not be just stuffed.

source link 5. Promote your website on social website
Create Facebook page, twitter handle and other social properties to talk about your product, gather people and promote your website, links. This has 2 advantage, one social index score becomes better which also plays a role in SEO and other you can get extra traffic from social media.

site de rencontres payant pour les hommes And Few small things to remember:

  1. Don’t publish or build business on illegal stuffs
  2. HTTPS serving websites are getting extra value
  3. Don’t play on aggregation and content farming, now it doesn’t work
  4. Only keyword stuffing can kill you
  5. Being mobile friendly website is quite helpful to receive mobile traffic

It’s still simple to achieve but you’ve have to be focused, consistent and dedicated. It works, it really works 🙂


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  1. Prashant Sir,

    This is Sandeep Mishra, I saw your blog today while i was navigating through facebook. Its a well written blog sir. Even i also started writing a blog early this year. I am writing most about my place. And the news updates for any informative/important information.
    Please go though http://www.searchhabit.com and give your inputs to make my website more attractive and productive.


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