Product & Technology

Deep interest of science is been manifested by Technology and Product building experiences.

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Medical Science

Writing about Healthcare experience is always interesting, and I believe in holistic healthcare, all that I know and explore healthcare are my stories.

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MySpace - Art & Psychology

Art, Love, Poetry, Literature and Psychology are my another interest area, would love share some stories in these fields

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What is Nishalspace

Nishal is my metaphoric nickname. My official name is "Prashant Kumar", but I wanted a name of meaning.

Nishal (निशाल ) is a hindi word, which means "The one without any shape and size". In mathematics this is quite similar to Topology, which generally doesn't have geometrical shape, but have a meaningful structure.

And among all 5 elements of cosmos, I am fascinated more towards space. I am fascinated in external as well as internal space. Space means where we all belong, it envelopes us.

In my mental space
some virgin flowers
with the light of horizon
Infinitely fragrating waves
touching my heart
N thier signs of impact
like my breath....


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